1M, 3F

Sisters Glenda and Suzanne live a quiet retirement selling homemade jam on Manitoulin Island. This summer, their usual concerns - trying to orchestrate sightings of their handsome veterinarian neighbour and preparing for the visit of Suzanne's grown daughter, Beth, are complicated by a secret the sisters can no longer contain. When Beth arrives with some secrets of her own, the three women face things that will change their lives forever.

2M, 3F

A fairground in Killaloe, Ontario is home to the annual Wayne Rose Memorial Chili Cook Off, where Killaloe residents  come each year to compete for the honour and the cash prize. The most determined of these is Ava Rose, who has tried (and failed) to win for sixteen years.  

This year, with the help of a new assistant, Ava returns to battle her former childhood friend and rival. If she can piece together her late father's missing Five Alarm Chili recipe she might just piece together the mysteries of her past. 

2M, 2F

Hannah Taylor runs the family business in her small town, Jesse Emberley is a world famous musician. Their very different lives are about to intersect again, a decade after the night they shared beneath the stars over Sugar Road amusement park. This time Hannah’s pushy but well-meaning friends will ensure they don’t part ways before they confront the choices that separated them and the reason neither has moved on.

3M, 4F



Helping his father run the family business (a struggling small-town funeral home) has gotten in the way of Harry Gibson's' love life. Missing his recently departed mother, and hungry for companionship, he secretly turns to an unconventional method of meeting a woman: an online Russian bride service. When his bride Katya, along with her acerbic older sister Eva, arrive on Canadian soil, the sisters are plunged into culture shock while the Gibson family is thrown into a tailspin. 

3M, 2F



When Bill and Sandy's marriage split up, so did their curling team - splintering off into a men's team and a women's team who begrudgingly share the ice at the Stayner Curling Club. Now, a medical emergency has left the men's team short a player the day of the big Regional Bonspiel. If they have any hope of beating neighbouring Meaford and taking the trophy for Stayner, they'll have to put aside their personal differences and unite as one team.


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